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"My thanks for sharing this great program with me! I have made it the basis for my "mentoring" the new teachers in our district, and would love to see it become the standard for the literacy aspect of our instruction. Feel free to share with anyone my own assessment of the value of your work for my program, and--by extension-to anyone's program!"
Laurie Ulrich

"Steps to Music Literacy gives a direction to teaching music that so many of us often find lacking in other curriculums. Students show such a felling of accomplishment when they finish a step-by-step unit. They are able to hear, play, sing and read the element being taught with a success rate that amazes both themselves and the teacher. I recommend this method to any music teacher, no matter what their experience level may be."
Brandi Hawley

"As a first year teacher, this system seems so helpful, thorough and structured. Thank you for sharing!"
JoAnna Belott

"Love it! I’ve never known how to smoothly transition to 6/8 meter."
Gini Boyer

"Very helpful! I want to use this method!"
Kristen Kirch

"WOW! It is so rich and interactive, and user friendly. I can’t wait to start implementing this next school year. I’m also interested in buying for 2nd 3rd and 4th."
Anthony Meehl

"I have been using Prisha Gustina’s Steps to Music Literacy program for the past three years with outstanding results. I have used this program in K-5 general music and also in 6-8 choral music and 9-12 choral music. Steps to Music Literacy is a Kodaly-based sequential music learning program that helps children learn through discovery, practice and performance. Every unit is developmentally appropriate and presents the featured concept via folk songs. Children then discover the concept and learn to sight read and write the concept on the music staff. Each unit also includes listening activities incorporating masterworks, and improvisation and composition activities key to growing the musical child. The result is a well thought out sequential music program that is at once effective and fun for the children. The program is flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate varied class lengths and frequency. I highly recommend Steps to Music Literacy for music educators at every level."
Heidi Swatek