Product - Interactive E-book

Content - 254 pages

Music Literacy Level 2

LEVEL TWO (Grade two)



MELODY: la, do, re

SONGS and RHYMES: (Listed by concept unit) (MP3 piano accompaniments)

Acka Backa, Ah, Poor Bird, All Around the Buttercup, Apple Tree, Are You Sleeping?, Bluebells and Cockle Shells, Bounce High Bounce Low, Bow, Wow, Wow, Brown Bear, Button You Must Wander, Clap Your Hands, Doggie, Doggie, Fais Do Do, Fooba Wooba, Here Comes a Bluebird, Hickety, Pickety, Ickle Ockle, Jack Be Nimble rhyme, Johnny Works, Knock the Cymbals, Ladybug, Let’s Go Hunting, Let Us Chase the Squirrel, Little Sally Water, Looby Loo, Lucy Locket, Mister Robin, Mother, Mother, Mouse Mousie, Mulberry Bush, O How Lovely, Oats Peas Beans, Oliver Twist, Plainsies, Clapsies, Ring Around the Rosie, Rocky Mountain, Row, Row, Row the Boat, Sally Go ‘Round the Sun, Teddy Bear, Three Blind Mice, We Are Dancing in the Forest


Ecossaise No 2 by Schubert, Pastorale by Burgmuller, Reaper's Song by Schumann, Sonatina by Schmitt, Symphony No 94 Andante by Haydn, Tuileries by Mussorgsky

Sample song: Apple Tree
(MP3) (Music) (Writing) (Accompaniment)

Sample Boomwacker or bell song: Brown Bear

Sample master work: Symphony No. 94 "Andante" - Haydn

Samples from unit plan: Melodic concept "Do"
(Unit plan) (Patterns) (Analyzing) (Composing)

Samples from Manual: Level Two
(13 Step Teaching Process) (National Standards for Music Education)