Product - Interactive E-book

Content - 226 pages

Music Literacy Level 1



RHYTHM: Iconic pictures of Beat, One sound/no sound, Two sounds, Three sounds

MELODY: Iconic pictures of High/low (so mi), Higher (la)

SONGS and RHYMES: (Listed by concept unit) (MP3 piano accompaniments)

Apple Tree, Bee Bee Bumblebee rhyme, Bells in the Steeple, Bluebird, Bobby Shafto, Bounce High, Bridge of Avignon, Bye Baby Bunting, Bye Lo Baby Oh, Cobbler Cobbler, Counting Song, Cuckoo, Engine Engine rhyme, Frosty Weather, Good Night, Hot Cross Buns, Johnnys It, Knock at the Door, Look at Me, Lucy Locket, Mill Wheel, Niddledy Noddledy rhyme, Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?, Old MacDonald, Oliver Cromwell, Pease Porridge Hot, Pussy Cat rhyme, Queen Queen rhyme, Rain Rain Go Away, See Saw Margery Daw, Starlight Starbright, This Old Man, Tinker Tailor, Two Four Six Eight, We are Dancing, Witch Witch

Sample song: Cobbler, Cobbler
(MP3) (Music) (Writing) (Accompaniment)

Sample Boomwacker or bell song: Bluebird

Samples from unit plan: One or no sound per beat
(Unit plan) (Patterns) (Analyzing) (Composing)

Samples from Manual: Preparatory Level
(13 Step Teaching Process) (National Standards for Music Education)